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Our reputation for completing on-time, and within budget, is hard to match.
By choosing to work with FNK you can be confident your project will be in the hands of experienced professionals.

We have over 10 years experience in providing
film production services for:

Through working closely with you, we can develop your idea into a meticulously planned production schedule, complete with clear, itemised costs. As a result, you can ensure your production needs, and budgeting requirements are addressed, right from the outset.



Is an agency that offer audiovisual services for various purposes. With +8 years of experience, we have offered audiovisual services for several brands around the world.

We carry out our flow work in professional softwares and with paid memberships. In this way we ensure a safe delivery time and a quality standard to meet your needs.

Our team has skills to develop audiovisual solutions, such as:


We are specialize in efficiently managing resources of all kinds, such as editors, animators, designers, and illustrators to deliver our clients fast and high-quality work. We offer you a cost-efficient solution that will enable you to scale your project confidently in a long-term partnership with us. We work on, Slack, and to manage our workflow with clients.

We have in our agency render-optimized computers, Highspeed Internet (300 Mbps download/30 Mbps upload), plus editors who speak English. We license the music we use for all our videos and have a library of Stock Footage. So whether you’re advertising in Times Square or on Facebook, YouTube or Google, we’ll handle your advertising so it’s creative and profitable.